Unable to open distribution list

I have a user that has a rather large distribution list.  He added more names to it and closed it.  The next time he tried to open it he received the following error:

Can't open this item. There is not enough memory available on the Mircrosoft Exchange Server computer to perform the operation.

Is there a way for him  to get into his list so that he can at least break it up into smaller lists?
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redrumkevConnect With a Mentor Commented:

How are you doing?

See this first:


As there is a limit to the size that can be kept for the personal distribution list, and your user has exceeded this, causing the error. The above should solve this ... however, if not,.. see this:


Hope this helps,
mitchkeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply Kevin.

The first link has directions for opening the list, making a copy, and then going through and breaking the list up.  However, I am unable to actually open the list.  I get the error message stated above when I try to open it.

The second link you gave me talks about outlook not opening the list if you added some through OWA.  That is not the case here but it gave me the idea to try and open the lists in OWA.  The probelm one opened up so I started typing the info into a second list and then deleting them out once they had been added.  Now I can open the lists!!  Thanks for your help!

mitchkeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.  The articles that you posted were not specifiically correct but got me in the right direction.  Thanks again.

Sorry this wasn't a "perfect solution" but anyways, glad I was able to help and get you going in the right direction quickly!!

Thank you for the grade!

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