DNS configuration for Exchange

I am setting up the DNS server for Exchange.

I currently have Exchange set up with a back end and front end server with RPC over HTTPS.

I am trying to configure the DNS so everything will work properly.  i have not set up any reverse lookup for the IP address yet so I will need to do that.  

But I need some advice on how to set up the DNS server internally.  Does the RPC server send out the mail, or is it still the back end server that sends out the email.  

now I will need to configure the router to send the information from the mail server out over the IP address that is assigned to the mx record for the exchange server?

if i were to host my own dns, do I need to have a seperate server if I am going to server dns to the outside as well?  if not how do i differentiate internal IP addresses for computers on my network, to external Ip addresses for computers coming to the server for outside dns info.

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YOUR ISP should be handling this automatically once you change your MX record for the public IP

Your internal DNS should NOT require any changes and should work transparently in most cases
Internal users access via Outlook or OWA via servernamw/exchange

External users use OWA via your external DNSname/exchange

I hope this helps !
I'm not quite sure I understand.

1) Firewall/ router needs to forward port 25 and 443 to your Exchange server ( fron End normally )

2) You need a public IP with an associated DNS name set up with reverse PTR

If you set up the DNS properly aligned with your external name, then the rest is pretty automatic.

I hope this helps !
ryan80Author Commented:
Ok, so the front end server will send out the email.  i wanted to be sure of this.  so I wont have to open up any ports for the backend server. (can you tell this is the first time that I have done theis?)

As for the DNS:

Can I have the same server host the DNS for both the internal network as well as the external network?
ex.  how do i have mail.domian resolve to the internal IP address on the network, and resolve to the public IP when someone on the internet look it up from my DNS server.

For Exchange DNS i will have to make some changes.  Currently the MX record points to another IP address.  Additionally there is no reverse lookup for the IP that my exchange server uses.

with a reverse IP lookup, it looks at the nameserver, looking for a PTR record?
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