Using IIFP to synchronize GALs between Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007

Using IIFP, I'm able to create contacts for Windows 2003 forest users in a different Windows 2008 forest.  I see all the contacts that were created on the Exchange 2007 and Active Directory Users but when I go to Outlook 2003 in the new 2008 forest and select the Global Address List, none of the contacts are there.  What am I missing?
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the new forest - are those contacts mail-enabled ??
cwojcicki1099Author Commented:
I have to select "Automatically update email based on email address policy" for each contact that was created from the old forest.  I have a bit of work to do.

I'm all set, thanks for clueing me in.
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