Canon Pixma iP5000 and MFP server

We bought MFP server "Repotec MFP201". I configured it with new IP and connected above printer. In Windows everything seems to be fine, printer is reporting "ready". But when I try to print test page, I see only "Collecting printer status" and the page in not printed.

Already checked the configuration ->
I did also some google search, but all my troubleshooting was unsuccessful. I still cannot print.

Printer is working fine when connected via USB cable.
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Chris BRetiredCommented:
A number of unsupported Canon printers on this out of date list - Fair chance it doesn't support your printer.

Chris B
The iP5000 is a GDI printer (where Windows' graphice engine does all the work of converting the page into printer pixels). Many GDI printers are inherently non-networkable. Those that are, usually only work if shared from a PC or with a printserver that is compatible with that particular printer. As the compatibility list from burrcm does not show it, I think you're out of luck.

Another reason why I feel this won't work is because you get a message "Collecting printer status". That implies the driver is trying to get some status info from the printer before it sends data. That will almost certainly not work, especially with an unsupported printer.
haldoxpAuthor Commented:
Thats not good. When I do a google search for "canon "Collecting printer status"" this seems like Canon future. Unfortunately everywhere is "reinstall SW / reconnect printer" and this is not helping me.
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haldoxpAuthor Commented:
I did several tests during last week. Tried also to use drivers of some Canon's network printers. Still the same. Printer is communicating but not printing. Oh well, this was not so good purchase.
If you want to network printers, get a printer with a built-in network interface, abd preferably one that supports a language like PCL or PostScrip. Stear well clear of GDI printers, and also of USB printers. The combination of the two is deadly. Networking and a proper printer language may cost a little more, but you will save in the long run.

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haldoxpAuthor Commented:
We are using this printer for some time already. Now ,tThere is request to have it as network printer (no sharing).
Unfortunately you'll have to tell people that this printer will not work that way. GDI/USB printers may be OK for home use, but as far as I'm concerned they have no place in a business environment.

Even at home, most people these days have a broadband router to plug a networked printer into, so they can network the printer to multiple PCs. Yes, inkjets print great photos, but at very high cost. In Australia we're talking around AUD$0.80 per 6x4 photo, while you can get them from commercially printed at prices as low as $0.10 - and they're even better quality. For printing ordinary documents on plain paper, low-cost lasers are much faster and cheaper to run.
haldoxpAuthor Commented:
I know that. But the printer is longer in the house than me so I must work with it. Next printer will be native network printer for sure.
haldoxpAuthor Commented:
Solution is ... printer will be connected to single PC and I will buy new network printer.
haldoxpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for hints on this.
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