How to protect a virtual private server(VPS) from DDoS attacks?

My hosting provider doesn't provide DDoS protection on their virtual private servers.
Is there any way to set this manually?

additional question: What are some advantages of having many IP addresses?
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Really you need a nice provider that is willing to do upsteam filtering to stop a DDoS in the event you have a problem.  There is not a whole ton you can do on your server to prevent it.
daeyunAuthor Commented:
I need to pay twice more to get DDoS protection.
Other than that, I'm happy using their service right now.
I'm just wondering if I can set it up by myself without having to pay more.
Not that I know of.  Normally what happens when someone get attacks good is the ISP filters it upstream where the internet connection is higher than the DDoS attack bandwidth.  That way it  never successfully saturates the connection at the server.
daeyunAuthor Commented:
would you recommend me good a VPS or a web hosting provider?
Larger companies will always be better for DDoS filtering, as they have more bandwidth.

If your just running Windows Server you probably have tons of options.  I know a few people that use hostmonster and bluehost that are happy.

I personally don't use Virtual Private Servers so can't speak from experience.

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