How to access the task manager from Lotus Script

We have Lotus Notes web and scheduled agent running on Domino on top of  Windows NT.

Those agents are using Lotus Script to activate EXCEL using
Set Excel = CreateObject( "Excel.Application" )            

However before I start to execute this line I would like to check if Excel is already running on the server and if active wait till it is finished. Running more than one instances of Excel at the same time seems to cause problem such as server crash.

We have set the number of concurrent agents to 1 so we do not have a problem with web agents but we still have conflicts between scheduled agents using excel and web agents which also use excel.

Any idea is more than welcome

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YvesSyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem is that the system did create the object but is was stuck. I solved the problem by creating a Queue for the excel jobs which is executed by a scheduled agent running every 15 minutes
The correct way to get a COM object is to first use GetObject to get a running instance (if any), then fail over to CreateObject if the app is not already running.


Set Excel = GetObject( "", "Excel.Application" )
If (Excel Is Nothing) Then Set Excel = CreateObject( "Excel.Application" )

Since you are trying to wait for Excel to close, you could try this:

Do While (True)
      Set Excel = GetObject( "", "Excel.Application" )
      if (Excel Is Nothing) Then Exit Do
      Set Excel = Nothing
Set Excel = CreateObject( "Excel.Application" )
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
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