Getting rid of certificate warning inside our network

Hi. Is there an easy way to get rid of the warning people get all the time inside our network, now taht we are starting to use web access version of outlook, with our new Exchange 2007? I want to know which of these two paths is best/feasible?
1. Somehow switch it from an https to an http site when accessed inside our LAN. I understand the critical security issues when accessing from public website, but inside our network should be secure anyway....
2. Make or buy a certificate for use inside our network, that would not trigger the browser warnings.  Will this prevent those from happening?  And yes, I know we can tecah a browser that a certificate is OK, but that is a pain with lots of users, plus people are loading different browsers (like Chrome, Firefox) that require a slightly different method.

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KutyiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a DNS entry that points your outside FQDN to your exchange box: ie.

If you do this and your network uses domainname.local then you need to setup a new zone and add the A record there.  You will then also need to add an A record pointing to any other outside services such as your company website by creating A record for hosts like www etc.
Buy yourself an SSL certificate.. I presume you are using SSL to make sure that the requests are secure, movving the http will get rid of that...
Some big company like goDaddy, Verisign etc. will be able to provide you will a suitable certificate which will get rid of this "error".
jjltpc, did you manage to follow up on any of this..? Are there any more questions that you want to ask..?
jjltpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I will be doing this over the next few weeks, hopefully.
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