what should you do when you get fixing orphaned files when you run scandisk

what should you do when running scandisk you get fixing orphaned files  should you reformat your computer or replace the harddrive
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Let chkdsk finish it's job. Then test the HD using the manufacturer's testing utility. If that utility finds errors and asks whether you want to allow it to fix them, say yes. If it says it can't fix them, replace the disk. You'll find the tools on the UBCD:


Filesystem corruption can be caused by many things. Like when your system crashes or is shut off without shutting it down first. Also bad RAM can cause this. So if the disk tests out OK and you keep getting the problem, test the rest of your hardware. Check for overheating, clean out dust, test the RAM (memtest86+ on the UBCD), change the PSU.

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good advise from rinfdi above, even a bad mobo, or bad caps can cause it - check as per www.badcaps.net
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