Double sided printing default

Is it possible to have double sided printing default  by way of script, group policy, or anything else? I want to set this up for existing users and new ones who are created.

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Are the printers on a print server?
If so then you can just set the printing defaults. Else as far as I know there is no way via GPO.
Script would be difficult as it would first have to identify the printer is capabale of it and then change the default..  Shall ahve a look around and see if there is anything..
ddblaAuthor Commented:
Hi John,

Yes the printers are on a print server.  We also have a VB script that deletes and re-adds the printers every time a user logs in. I've made the change on the print server for double sided but it looks like when the user logs in it doesn't pull the double side default.

Hi, just checking as I have seen this catch peope out before...!
When you change the printing defaults you need to change them ont he advanced tab on the section called "Printing Defaults". There is a duplicate of this menu on the front page called "Printing Preferences" but this only applies to the print server not to the clients...
If this isnt the case for you then we can think of somethign else, as that should work..

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ddblaAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I had overlooked that setting. It worked Great!
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