Service pack 3 installed, now Outook, IE 6, and PC is running really slowly and oddly.

I use Microsoft's automatic update feature, but this question isn't about whether I should do that or not. This week I installed Service Pack 3 . Now Outook, IE 6, and PC is running really slowly and oddly.

I cannot uninstall SP3.

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet Edition. 80 GB HD, 1.5 GB RAM, Windows XP Professional, Office 2003.

Outlook takes forever to open windows (10-80 seconds). Auto fill of email addresses can take 10-15 seconds. IE launches very slowly and loads pages slowly. Word takes forever. Typing is tedious, often showing up a second or two after hitting the keys.

I'm at my whit's end and don't want to have to call Microsoft and pay for support to hear them say something like I have to reinstall Office -- which I don't want to do as I have too many customized features (sgnatures, etc.) and don't know how to back those up for a clean install.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Check Task Manager to see which service or services are taking up your CPU and memory.
If there isn't anything definitive there, you may want to run SFC SCANNOW.
I think you are far away from an OS reinstall. However if you need to perform a Repair the directions are listed below.
XP Repair:
Both SFC SCANNOW and the Repair require your OS CD.
A Repair is not designed to overwrite data but you should take precautions.
wmtownsend--Run System Restore to a date before you installed SP3.
However, if that does not help, what you describe could be malware.  Have you run scans with your antivirus and antispyware programs (using latest reference definition files)?
P.S.  What happens when you try to uninstall SP3?  Nothing in Add/Remove?  Error messages?
try to uninstall SP3
or do a system restore to a pre sp3 date...
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wmtownsendAuthor Commented:
Task Manager shows the following eathing CPU
System Idle Process
avp.exe  (Kaspersky)

Mostly it is System Idle Process, taskmgr.exe and AcSvc.exe

Under Add or Remove Programs, Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) states, "This update cannot be removed."

I did a system restore to a few days before installing SP3. Now the PC starts up but the pointer won't work. I cannot get to anything. It is completely jacked. Using the pointer pen, I can click on start and open programs but cannot click on any of the menus to open or close them. It is completely hosed.
I CTRL ALT DEl and can't even open task manager because the clickable icons are no longer clickable.

Please, any advice is helpful as now it appears after system restore that it is all screwed up.


wmtownsend--The entry C0130Mon.exe is highly suspicious.
I suggest, if you can that you  upload the file C:\WINDOWS\C0130Mon.exe to http://virusscan.  and/or
Then remember my earlier suggestion " Have you run scans with your antivirus and antispyware programs (using latest reference definition files)?"
P.S.  Was it Office SP3 or WinXP SP3 that you installed when the problem started?.  
The System Idle is just that--- the CPU percentage used by the system doing nothing, should be like 99% when nothing is happening.

Can you get into safe mode with this unit? If so, you may have a possibility to attac the suspicious entry mentioned above.
wmtownsendAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone. The entry C0130Mon.exe is for my Creative Labs webcam software.

I run Kaspersky in maximum mode all the time and also ran SpyBot S&D and AdAware. No threats found. Any suggestions on other packages to try to run?

Jon GiesePresidentCommented:
I would update IE to 7 and it's updates.  Also ensure you have sp3 + updates for office 2003.

If everthing is slow you could have a bad sector on the hard drive or it's full.  Run chkdsk /R
wmtownsendAuthor Commented:
Qieseja, All my problems started after installing SP3.
wmtownsend--I understand the "SP3" you installed that may be causing the problem is Office 2003 SP3, not WinXP SP3.
Here is how you uninstall Office 2003 SP3
wmtownsendAuthor Commented:

this does not work for SP3. Under Add or Remove Programs, Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) states, "This update cannot be removed."

Microsoft confirms you cannot remove SP3 once it is installed.

wmtownsend--The link is clear that you can remove the Office 2003 SP3.  Unfortunately you must remove Office 2003.
The other link  gives a method for removing SP3 using Windows Installer.
See under "How to remove an update by using a Windows Installer command"
wmtownsendAuthor Commented:
Crap. i really dont' want to remove Office 2003.
wmtownsend--The procedure here under Command Syntax does not necessarily mean you have to uninstall Office2003, itself.
wmtownsendAuthor Commented:
Well, I finally spent the money and called Microsoft. They informed me I could not uninstall SP3 and would have to restore my PC to its original state and reinstall everything. What a BS answer.
wmtownsend--That certainly is not what the first reference link I provided says.
says "To remove Office 2003 service packs or 2007 Office service packs from your computer, you must remove all the Office 2003 programs or all the 2007 Office programs, and then reinstall all the Office 2003 programs or all the 2007 Office programs from your original Office 2003 CD-ROM or your original 2007 Office CD-ROM."  That is a pain but easier than restoring the PC to its original state.
P.S.  MS should refund your money for giving you the answer they did.

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wmtownsendAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. I am calling Microsoft today for a refund and to tell them their answer was incorrect.
You are welcome!  If you have time, let us know what MS' reaction was. :)
Their policy is to refund if they cannot solve the problem.
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