Publishing companyweb to the internet

I have followed the instruction on this webpage:

But still not able to connect to my companyweb from outside...I'm able to connect to it by typing http://companyweb from a computer inside the network but from outside i can't even connect to using the

What do I need to check...I've looked every where on this website but I can't find solution yet.  I have an ISA 2004 that comes with SBS.  Please help me publish companyweb to

Thanks for the help
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What happens if you ping the domain name inside the network...
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
Ping request could not find host  Please check the name and try again
Is your external domain the same as your local domain...?
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edmund7sAuthor Commented:
how do I check?

If this is right
My internal Domain: servername.domain.local
My external domain:
I presume that your external domain is working fine from someone outside the organisation...

You will often hit problems with DNS that is not configured properly if you have (eg)...
you internal DNS domain name  called
and your external domain or etc...
This is because you DNS will resolve this locally rather than to the internet...
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
the external is different from internal

my internal domain is abcd-sbs2003
Ok, then we need to work out why when you ping you dont get a response.. Can you confirm that from outside your network it works...
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
do you think i might need to fix the redirector in the IIS or any settings on the website's properties
Is the website hosted on your site?
Can you confirm that from outside your network it works...?

For the moment if you can't ping the site then you will never be able to connect to it regardless of IIS settings...
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
i can't ping from outside of the network although I'm able to ping the server just fine

By the way I'm trying to setup companyweb to be accessed from the web.
I'm able to ping companyweb just fine...and able to goto http://companyweb from internal network but not from outside
If you want to get to work then you will have to create a DNS alias for it.. Are you the DNS administrator..?
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
I have created a Alias(CNAME) for companyweb with the following:
Alias: companyweb
FQDN: companyweb.domain.local
FQDN for target host: servername.domain.local

I am able to ping companyweb.domain.local but I'm still not able to ping
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
when I use the web browser and point to companyweb.domain.local
this brings me to the main page of the server instead of the companyweb.

What should I do? Do you think this as something to do with ISA 2004?
ISA could very well do this..
In order to ping then you are going to have to speak to DNS server on then web that is authoritvate for that domain, your DNS server isnt..

are companyweb.domain.local and meant to be the sam place
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Is there a router on the public side of the SBS? If so you will need to forward port 444 from the router to the WAN interface of the SBS.
As a test, can you access the site using: httpS:// :444
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
What do  you mean by "companyweb.domain.local and meant to be the sam place"?

I am not able to goto but i have forward port 444 from the router
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Perhaps verify nothing is blocking the port 444 traffic using the following test site
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
Error: I could not see your service on x.x.x.x on port (444)
Reason: Connection refused
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sounds like you may have the source of the problem.
-A software firewall or ISA can block the traffic. Running the CEICW [server management | Internet and E-mail | connect to the Internet] should automatically configure ISA for you. Are there any security suites such as Symantec? They can block access.
-Are you sure the router port forwarding is correct, or might you also have a modem that acts as both a modem and router? If the latter it needs to have port forwarding configured to point to the router or be put in bridge mode
-There was also a recent DNS patch that is known to block some ports, especially on SBS with ISA. The fix is to manually add the ports to the registry. The following outlines the process:
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
I've added on the company web properties SSL port:444
and I'm able to see port 444 now...

And if I'm put in it brings me to http://companyweb/default.aspx
But this works only from the internal network, from outside if I go to it will ask for password but afterwards it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sounds like the port is open if you get the dialog box. Have you re-run the CEICW as of yet? You shouldn't manually edit IIS when running SBS. The CEICW will configure ISA, publish the site, allow access, configure DNS, and set permissions.
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
I'm afraid to run CEICW because I'm afraid to mess up the exchange and other pocketpc outlook access (push mail) and other configuration that has been done on the server...I have people using RPC over https and exchange webmail and PPC, I don't want to mess that up.  Do you think there is a risk for that if I do this?  Would you suggest for other alternative?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Re-running the CEICW is "almost" never a problem. Just leave the configuration as is and only change any new services you want to enable. If the service is already configured re-running will reset permissions and such and often fix a broken service. The only time I have ever run into a problem is on a server where it was manually configured and the CEICW was never run. Basically the server wasn't working properly in the first place. I do however appreciate your concerns. Especially if it is a server others have worked on and you are not sure of what has been done to date.
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for your help...I've figured it out after googling it.  The problem is that Microsoft doesn't support binding portals to a specific address in IIS so I've set each of their ports to port 80 and leave the IP setting for each of them to (All unassigned).  This resolve the I'm able to get to but not
I have to specify "default.aspx".

Also how can I configure to point to  I tried configuring this on the Alternate Access Mapping with the following info:
Internal URL                                Zone      Public URL for Zone
http://companyweb                    Default  http://companyweb     Internet

Probably I should add this to a new thread...Thanks guys

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I am not much help as I don't often work with IIS. With SBS it is all configured automatically with the CEICW. However, under the document tab of the site properties, is "enable default content page checked, and default.aspx added? (should also have Default .htm, Default.asp, index.htm, and iisstart.htm)
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks edmund7s.
Cheers !
edmund7sAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob...You have helped in many ways and opened my mind to look for those answers.  Thanks again.
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