Cfdump for input type of file gives unusual result in ColdFusion 8

Whenever I do a cfdump of a input type of file it gives an unexpted result regardless of the file that is browse and seleted.

For examle, even if I browse for a file for a file C:/Test.txt
The cfdump for that field shows:

It always returns a similar result even if the file is remote.  The only thing changing being the name of the file at the end.  

Can anyone throw some light on this?

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SidFishesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is expected behaviour ...the neotmp file is just that, a temp file to which cf is storing the upload
onaled777Author Commented:
Is it that a copy of the browsed file is made here? But if so why cant I seem to be able to go the folder and just see the file?
Can the neotmp files be deleted?  Does the CF services need to be stoped?
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