Lenovo dual monitor problem

I have just recieved a new lenovo 9071 and it booted-up.  I added an additional video card (G450) and now I can see nothing.  
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NeheITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Okay...I got it!  What I did was swap out the PCI video Riser card and then stuck back in the additional video card.  It worked!
Well, Of course you have to have the monitor plugged into the new video card not into the on-board video that was on the computer originally. you should have no problems getting a picture, and after the computer boots, you must install the drivers for the new video card with the disk that came with it or by downloading them from the manufacturers website.
NeheITAuthor Commented:
Yes that is a good point about making sure that my second monitor is plugged into the new video card.  But, the problem is once I add the new card I can not see any data on either of the monitors?  I did try to add the driver BEFORE added the new card and I get an error (Current Graphics cards does not support this graphic type).  I try added this from the CD that came with the card.  One more piece of data that might help with a solution is I added the same card to the same modle computer yesterday?
Congrats, looks like you didn't need my help after all. Have fun with the new video card!
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