does anyone know how to enter the default gateway on a cisco ASA5505 with asdm 5.2?

I have recently changed out a chepoint security appliance with a cisco asa5505 and there doesnt seem to be anywhere to enter the default gateway on the outside "internet" interface.  I have checked the knowledge base and tried to put in the static route, but this did not work either.  I am running asdm 5.2.  Any help would be appreciated.

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To set the default gateway you need to use the statement that ChopperCentury posted.  Once this is set test with the following by pinging

ping outside

If you configured the default gateway correctly you should get a response.

If this is successful but computers can't get through the firewall to the outside then your gateway is correct and your problem is that you didn't define NAT or GLOBAL statements.

Enter the following commands

sh run nat
sh run global

This will show your nat and global configuration.  Until you configure these two options devices won't be able to get to the outside.

in the cli
default route
A static route is required, use the following command:
route outside InternetGatewayIP
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Stevanb69Author Commented:
I have entered the static route with the default gateway, but it did not work, I will try the cli,

The pervious users posting is not valid for an ASA.
What is the exact problem you are having?
Are you able to ping an outside IP Address from the ASA or is the problem just hitting the internet from connected PCs? Is the internet router directly connected to the ASA...just 1 hop?
choppercentury is correct
Stevanb69Author Commented:
Thank You for all the responses, I have the device up and running now.  Thanks for the help.
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