Loosing default printer after XP sp3

I just installed XP service pack 3.  I am a IT Manager for a 35 client 2003 domain. Of the 35 station I have 2 that I know of the keep loosing the default printer.  Both default printer are local printers.  One is a usb printer one is a IP local printer.   For some reason often the user will logon and work and print and notice the job doesn't print where it is suppose to.  Then they check the printer control panel and the default has been changed.  One of the users is the general manager and the other is the controller so printing to the wrong printer is a big issue.  The only other thing I would like to add is both station are accessed by some sort of terminal software which automatcally redirects the default printer.

Has any one seen this issue with sp3 and is there a fix of some sort?
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apinetConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Give this a shot on the workstations and see if it works.

Stop Print Spooler service.

Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86 and delete content of this folder.

Start Print Spooler service.

Download last version of drivers and install again.
I've seen a similar problem and what cause the problem was Windows FIrewall is enabled after the SP3 install.  Not sure if you had it disabled originally.
mstape123Author Commented:
On my domain the workstation firewall are diabled in profiles
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