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Laughing Sounds on a Mouse Click

This is a good one.

My kids downloaded something onto our Mac.  I am not Mac savvy...

Every time we click or mouse over anything, we hear laughing through the speakers.  Something must have been tied to the mouse actions to do this.

Any ideas on how to reset this?  Has anyone ever heard of this before.
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Pull down the Apple Menu to System Preferences  and open the Accounts pane. Click on the kid's username and then the log in items tab to see what programs are set to load on log on. Delete the offending program.
ccleebeltPresidentAuthor Commented:
Tried that...nothing is set to load on login.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
OK ..
1. Quit ALL applications and utilities so that the Finder is the only thing running.
2. If the sound effect is still there, go to Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app
    It will list all running processes.
    Sort them by CPU and see can you spot anything running that looks like it might be the culprit.
3. If you want, highlight a Process and QUIT it (being careful to only quit one at a time).  This should allow you to target the offending process.
4. When you work out what it was, post it here and we can tell you how to uninstall it.
ccleebeltPresidentAuthor Commented:
Turns out it was the "voice over" set to on with the voice "hysterical".

ug.  Thanks for your help though.
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