how do i integrate xml based photo gallery into flash cs3

I have asked this question before but I think  I have to ask it differently.

I have created an xml base photo gallery which give me ( file.swf, file.xml, and other file names)
I want to use flash cs3 action script to integrate this gallery into my page.

what step should I take to do that.

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blue-genieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
by access it i mean for example if you had a variable that said currentImage - the container (the file you're loading into that you're using AS3) will not be able to read that value.
why do you want to use AS3 to load the AS2 file?

in terms of loading the file you just can use the Loader Class
example from help file where banana.jpg will be replaced with the path to your swf.
try this first- i'm willing to put a whole lot of money down that you'll get lots of error messages, but lets see.


var pictLdr:Loader = new Loader();
var pictURL:String = "banana.jpg"
var pictURLReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(pictURL);

if your gallery swf file is developed in AS2 you can load it into an AS3 file, but you wont' have any access to it.
eladgraphicsAuthor Commented:
thanks so much for replying.  I don't understand your answer.  can you give me an example of the script I have to right in the as3. and what do you mean by I am not going to have access to it?  It is a photo gallery for displaying customer history in his flash website.

again thanks
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