Client install ccmsetup.cpp

Im new to SMS, and Ive inherited a 2003 sp3 environment that was working, but no longer is.
 Ive found an entry in clients (CCMsetupl.log) that Ive manually pushed the client out to.
\\servername\smsclient\I386 is inaccessible. Its looking for a file named CCMSETUP.CCP
I can browse to the directory from the system thats having issues.
If its relevant Im trying to push out the advanced client.
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gbiskerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The end result was a fat finger with the password under Site Database-Site Hierarchy- SMS Connection Accounts client.
So there ya go.
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
There is a network service account within SCCM (under Site Hierarchy I believe).  Make sure that the SCCM service account has read permissions to \\servername\smsclient\I386

I'm not sure if this is also true for SMS 2003 but I have seen the same error in SCCM when the intranet FQDN is incorrect on the site server.
In SCCM you find this value under properties on ConfigMgr site system.
In the console: Site Management - Site code - Site Settings - Site Systems - Name of your site server - ConfigMgr site system.

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