sbs server name resolved but keeps asking for password

While creating an outlook account the username resolves and the account sets up fine.  When opening outlook an error message pops up and says the username or password are incorrect, which is not correct.  I have tired setting up several accounts for testing and all come back with the same error message when starting up Outlook.
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Jerry SolomonConnect With a Mentor Network  AdministratorCommented:
99% of this time, this happens if your primary DNS is not set to the IP of the SBS server.  If that is the case, you can manually override it, or change it at your DHCP server.

To find out what your primarty DNS is, go to a command prompt, and type ipconfig /all.

to manually override it, you can go to you rnetowrk connection properties, TCP/IP properties, and click th eradio button for use the following DNS servers.  Set the IP of the SBS as the primary, and you should be good to go.
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