Dell, dimensions, 2400 will not power up

The computer will not power up. There is a green LED on the motherboard, but nothing happens when I hit the power button.
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Unplug the power cable for a minute and try it again. If you don't even get a spinning fan, your power supply is probably toast.

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It could be the motherboard as well, Dell support should be able to help you diagnose it.
The first thing I would do is unplug the computer and then unplug all ide and floppy cables from the motherboard, and remove any unnessary cards.  Leave only the video card if possible.  
Then plug it back in, and try to turn it on.

If you still don't get any lights, then you have at least eliminated these devices as being the problem.
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Hi LostinBoston,

There is one more thing you can check on the power supply itself: you should see a red 120/240 switch (look near the power plug). It should be set for 120 (the switch may also read 110/220). Only change this setting after removing the AC cord from the power supply!

With the incorrect AC supply voltage set, the power supply will look "alive" but will not operate.

Otherwise, kdtresh's comment on a dead power supply seems very likely...


Rob HutchinsonTech Lead, Desktop SupportCommented:
Some of the Dell desktop computers had bad mobo's, you can check this out if you look at the mobo capacitors with the little stamped "X" on the top. If the capacitor looks like it's tryin to explode( expanded) or is leaking, Dell needs to send you a replacment mobo.

If you unplug it for a few secs, it should boot backup, but the problem will continue to get worse until you replace the mobo.
Good call, wired, I had forgotten about all the Dell capacitor issues. Take a look at and see if any of your capacitors are bloated and/or leaking.

It still sounds like a power supply or motherboard issue, but following the other advice given would eliminate peripherals as the culprit. Unplug and unhook all devices except for a stick of ram and the video card (if you have one) and see if you can get it to show the Dell logo. If you see the logo on the screen, shut it down and add one piece at a time until it breaks.

It also probably wouldn't hurt to call Dell support, there may be specific info about your unit that only they would know about.
here an example of a gx270 with bad caps (i had 2 of them)
Also be aware if you do replace the power supply, some Dells used odd motherboard pinouts different from 'standard', even though the used the standard ATX connectors.

If it has a 20-pin motherboard connector, compare the wire colors to the chart at to see if your has the Dell faux ATX pinout or the true ATX standard pinout. I would say test the voltages, but if the supply is bad they might not match up anyway.
> even though the used the standard

even though they used the standard
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