Routing internet traffic

Server 2003
2 NICs

1st NIC for internal traffic

2nd NIC for external traffic
Obtain IP address automatically
Obtain DNS server automatically
Let's just say it's currently

I can ping workstations connected to the server, workstations can ping the server.
Server can't go out to the internet, workstations can't go out to the internet.

If I remove the gateway from 1st NIC, server can go out to the internet
workstations can't go out to the internet.

How do I configure this so server and workstations can go out to the internet?
I figure it's done by installing RRAS, but I can't figure out the settings. Any help
is greatly appreciated.

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NotLogicalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Sebastian,

RRAS will not be required, only a little routing help. Start a command prompt, and type the following:

route add mask metric 1

If this works, you will want this to become permanent. Please re-run the command with the following small change:

route -p add mask metric 1

The "-p" will ensure that it is permanent (until you remove it) and will execute every time the system is rebooted.


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