How to Backup a Linux Phone Server - Asterisk/Trixbox

I have a Asterisk/Trixbox Phone server running on the standard Linux OS that comes with Trixbox.

I don't trust the trixbox Backup system and I want a way to do a complete backup/image of the Phone Server to a file which I can quickly use to restore from.

This is important when I want to install some new components but need to have the ability to go back quickly if it doesn't work the way I want.

How do I backup a Linux box? what program should I use and how do I install it?


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mikelfritzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would think you want to create an image, not just backup the files.  Look at:

You could even use Ghost or something similar if you want to bring the system down to create the image before adding the new components.
stanbondAuthor Commented:
I get the error -

checking build system type... Invalid configuration `i686-pc-linux-': machine `i686-pc-linux' not recognized
configure: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub i686-pc-linux- failed

Any Ideas or Other Suggestions?
stanbondAuthor Commented:
Hugh FraserConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If you want to use partimage, grab a copy of systemrescuecd. It's a bootable CD that contains partimage, along with a bunch of other utilities, making it usable even if the system is un-bootable. While tools like kickstart make quick un-attended deploys possible, image backups are the only way to go for quick re-deploys.

Having said that, if this is an important production system, there are a few guidelines to help avoid the need for an image restore
1. Do your testing on a development or control system.
2. Don't install anything that's not distributed or built as a package so that it can be removed cleanly.
3. Use CVS or something similar to manage configuration files so that changes are documented, traceable, and can be backed out.
diepesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the linux dd command can be used to make a disk image of the file system at block level.

the normal way to make backups is to use tar, it does backups on the file level, but then you have to know what is important, usualy your config and setup files, as the rest can be re-installed.

have you considered loading trixbox on a test pc, and try to restore the backup it make on your primary system ?

If you want to do block level image.
best would be to stop trix box, boot with a boot cd, and use dd to make a copy of the disk to a usb drive.

1. Check what your partition table looks like with
    $ sudo fdisk -l
    e.g.>>/dev/sda1   *           1        9361    75192201   83  Linux
    you dont need swap, and might have a separate boot partition.

2. do a dd low level block copy to usb drive or over network.
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