API to use for reading XLS in PHP

I need to find a good/fast API for reading XLS files using PHP.  Please let me know what my options are and which you'd prefer to use.

I need to use it to merge several XLS/CSV files into a single csv.

Please provide code examples of reading an XLS file with the API suggested.

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Beverley PortlockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is an Excel reader project over at SourceForge, but I've never used it.


If you are running on Windows you may be able to use the COM interface from PHP, but the sourceforge stuff is probably a better bet.

AngryLoopAuthor Commented:
Looks promising - let me check it out.
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
Beverley PortlockCommented:
The PEAR one is a WRITER, one I use extensively, but the OP wants a READER.
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