Dedicated bandwidth to specific applications on branch office

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I need to set up some QOS on my corporate VPN router to ensure that some voice over IP traffic will run smoothly from our branch offices to the corp, including when remote users decided to download some data.

IP Phones are identified by a specific IP address range. So we can set an ACL based on IP addresses.

Our VPN corp router is a Cisco 2811, with a Tunnel0 interface for DMVPN tunnels.
Branch offices routers are Cisco 877, with a Tunnel0 interface to connect to corp and ATM0 interface for DSL.

How can I preserve 200kb/s of bandwidth for my IP Phones on the 1.5Mb/s DSL link we get on branch offices?

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ip access-list extended VOIP
   permit <IP address range of local phones> <IP address range of remote phones>

class-map VOIP
 match ip add VOIP

policy-map VOIP
 class VOIP
   bandwidth 200000

interface Dialer1
 bandwidth 1544
 service-policy output VOIP

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