Cannot open OWA internally or externally. I think it is because the SSL certificate is corrupted

OWA stopped working internally & externally. We had is setup for SSL and we have an updated cert installed.
When I try in the exchange server, Bottom left says "connecting to host" after it says connecting to localhost...
then it says "page cannot be displayed"
I disabled SSL just to make sure OWA itself was working. When I went to
I got my log in screen. I logged in a 2 separate users and each time after login I got text on th screen that said "Unspecified error".

In my research I learned that if the SSL cert is not installed properly than in Exchange Properties under Secure communications, the Edit button will be faded out. It is not faded out.
But, in both default web site properties and exchange properties, View Certificate is faded out.
This is why I think the cert got corrupted. I don't know how or how to fix it.
I am unable to find any pfx file which is the format of a cert you can install. I do have the cert with a cer extension, but cannot install that one.

For the rest of the settings in IIS, I have compared every setting with those of another client whose OWA is working.

Anyone know what may have caused this and how to fix it????

Thanks in advance.

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Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
the good news is that in most cases the certificate is still in the computer's certificate store.  you should be able to click on server certificate, and "ad an existing certificate" to youe web server.  give it a shot.  If it works, it will be a good thing!!
DGoncharAuthor Commented:

forgot to tell you, I did try that, but no certificates were listed.

  1. For Https to work - first, you need to have SSL port opened (by default its 443)
  2. Second, you need to install SSL on default web site
  3. You may want to refer to link: .
Please post your queries and we would be glad to assist.

Take Care.

God Bless.

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DGoncharAuthor Commented:
Port 443 is open. Everything was working fine.
My comments suggest that the cert is corrupted.
Please read my original post again.
Can anyone help in fixing this situation?

Thank you
DGoncharAuthor Commented:
Never found cause.
Solution, we were able to find a copy of the cert and reinstall.
As for OWA displaying that text error, found MS article that helped.
Although I skipped steps 3-8
And we were back online
Bro, did you even read what i wrote on the suggestions ???

For Https to work - first, you need to have SSL port opened (by default its 443)
Second, you need to install SSL on default web site
You may want to refer to link: .

Now compare your solution...
Solution, we were able to find a copy of the cert and reinstall.

And i'm shocked to read your stating that we were not able to help, if you had doubts or didn't understand the solution given, you should have asked.

WEird...honestly !!!

Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
While my response was not as thourough as Exchange_Geek's, the point is that the experts let the asker know what that the configuration should be to know if it was right, and the process for installing a certificate.  Helping someone get going, or have a direction to further troubleshoot is valuable feedback. I don't do this for points, but to help others.  
The Experts here helped. That's what this web site is all about.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
When I resolve my own questions, but experts helped, I mark my comment as the accepted solution, but award the most helpful expert(s) assist points.
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