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Hello, I am new to web developement and thus far I have dabbled in HTML and CSS.  Terms like PHP, ASP.NET, etc...are new to me an my understanding is quite vauge.  What I am trying to decide is whether to go the ASP.NET route and start learning Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer 2008, or should I go the Dreamweaver route and maybe learn PHP down the road.  So, what would you recommend for someone that is just starting out?  I mean, if I were to ever seek employment in the field a few years down the road, would it be more important to be fluent in ASP.NET or PHP?  Any guidance you could give would be appreciated.  I understand that due to my lack of knowledge, my questions may not even make clear sense.
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If employment is the critical factor that you're looking at, then I suggest you don't lock yourself into a particular language upfront. There will be jobs with both of those technologies for some years to come - the thing that will get you through the door and into a paid position will be _how capable you are_ with your chosen area.

For example, even if the .NET framework takes off and becomes the absolute must-have technology, there will still be PHP work available, especially for experts in that field. Likewise for the opposite scenario.

This article from Sitepoint discusses (in favour of .NET) the differences between the two and which is better...

Personally, I was more comfortable with PHP. With that in mind, I recommend that you do a bit of research, work through some tutorials for each technology - perhaps even try a couple of personal projects with each technology. Find out which one you feel more comfortable with, and run with it. Then from there, develop your skills and experience, and seek employment that matches your capabilities.

If you're looking for tutorials, simply typing " tutorial" or "php tutorial" will give you thousands of results.

Good luck!

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zprideAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for you help!

"If you're looking for tutorials, simply typing " tutorial" or "php tutorial" will give you thousands of results."

The above should have been...

If you're looking for tutorials, simply typing " tutorial" or "php tutorial" INTO GOOGLE will give you thousands of results.

...but I'm sure you got where I was going with that.

Good luck.
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