increase disk size for exchange database

I am running out of disk space on the drive (drive E:) where the Exchange database is installed. What I am planning on doing is to install a new external SCSI drive array to the server and have it setup as drive Z:. Then I was going to shut down the Exchange services, copy all the data on the current drive E: to Z:, then once that is done, change the partition drive letters so that drive Z: (the new larger one with the copied data, including Exchange DB) is now the new drive E:. If I start up the Exchange services, will this work?
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dfxdeimosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to go through all that. Changing the location of the Exchange database is fairly easy.

Here is the Microsoft guide for doing it in Exchange 2003:
jfsheacoAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I didn't know that this was possible! This is perfect!
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