Make a simple, local backup with Solution Suite 2.5

 I've got a super cheap license for Norton Ghost Suite 2.5 from my university. I don't need to manage backups for other computers, just the one I installed it on. Can someone point me to or give me a tutorial on how to just make a simple backup (disk image) and how to create recovery media (boot disk), and also how to make do the incremental backups.

I looked at Acronis, I loved the ease of the application, but it was very buggy. Plus this solution is basically free for me.

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a bootable Ghost CD and use that to image your machine.

It at all possible keep the Operating System and the data on separate  partitions.

You can use the Ghost.exe ( rather than the ghost32.exe) , in DOS via the bootable CD info from the previous comment.

Not sure of your version, but normally this is a server and CLient setup.
You can also set it up via bootable media which is what you may want to do.

Sorry to say, but you may also have to slog your way through the docs to get this to work.

Universal Ghost boot CD

I hope this helps !
chrismarxAuthor Commented:
yes, i got the same impression as i started to read the docs, which is why i got a little frustrated. I mean, if this fancy peice of software can manage ghost images from several computers, you'd think that maybe it would be a snap to do it just for itself.

i'm hoping that perhaps there is someone else out here that has more experience with ghost suite 2.5 that could point me in the right direction-
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