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Connect to Oracle 10g using Odbc

How I can connect Oracle 10g through Odbc ?

I'm using Oracle in OraDb10g_home1 driver

What exatly I can write in TNS Service Name in Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration ?
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For me, the most useful site for doing a "live" connection string configuration is:

interbusAuthor Commented:
I want to using Data Sources (ODBC) to connect Oracle Database.

The Data Sources (ODBC) is available in administrative tools in Control Panel

There was new driver is called Oracle in OraDb10g_home1

my question here about TNS Service Name what I write inside this combobox

The TNS name is something you need to configure through the Oracle Net Configurator. In the configurator, you will need to specify the following information:
- the service name
- the server's name you are connecting to
- the protocol (in the case of a network connection, select TCP/IP)
- the port (usually 1521)

The Configurator will then allow you to test this connection, and then save it using a service name you choose. This service name is what you will need to type into the "TNS Service Name" in the ODBC configuration screen.

Please remember: the DSN (Data Source Name) is what your applications will use for a connection, rather than the TNS Service Name!

The only thing which I am a little unclear about is where you got the "OraDb10g_home1" name from? Was that already in the TNS Name drop-down? That is not a standard driver name that I recognize...
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