Couldn't create new project in Eclipse

I just installed Eclipse and IDE on Ubuntu Hardy to do some development.  But I can't get it to create any new project.  It always gives me this error message: "Selected wizard could not be started.  Reason: Plug-in com.salesforce.ide.ui was unable to load class com.salesforce.ide.ui.wizards.project.ProjectCreateWizard."

I tried both Eclipse 3.2.2 which comes through Hardy's repository and 3.3.2 I downloaded from Eclipse sourceforge page.  Same message.  I followed all the instructions for IDE installation.  The only thing that's a little out of normal was Eclipse claimed the plugin packages are unsigned, but I did continue it at the prompt.

Where should I start troubleshooting
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szigetiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You mentioned earlier that grep found the problematic wizard file mentioned in the error message. This leads me to suspect that the plugin configuration files may be corrupt. I would look inside the Salesforce plugin directory for the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file.

This file sould contain an entry pointing to the jar file containing the class com.salesforce.ide.ui.wizards.project.ProjectCreateWizard (i.e. a file named "ProjectCreateWizard .class"). If this jar is not referenced in the MANIFEST.MF, this might be why it's not found.

You should see something like:

Name: lib/the_jar_with_class.jar
SHA1-Digest: <some hash value here>

Also of interest may be a section containing the following, as the classpath is responisble for where the resources are searched from:

Bundle-ClassPath: .

If there jar is not there, or classpath seems messed up, then editing this file may help, although please create a backup before changing it.

First try running Eclipse in clean mode, e.g.:

C:\eclipse\eclipse.exe -clean (assuming you're using Windows)

If that failed, try checking under the directory eclipse/plugins for the plugin "com.salesforce.ide.ui" and see if you can find the related class under there. If it's not there, perhaps the plugin wasn't installed correctly. Try re-installing it by downloading the plugin manually from the vendor, and unzipping it under eclipse/plugins. After this run "clean" again.
techhealthAuthor Commented:
Since I'm using Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (Hardy), I did
./eclipse -clean
but that didn't help.  Same error.

There're 3 jar files in the plugins directory related to com.salesforce.ide.ui:
Are they the ones I should have?  There're also a whole bunch of other com.salesforce.ide jar files.

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Hmm, wierd. So you followed the instructions described here to install the plugin?

This describes performing an update, it may not be relevant though:

If all else fails you can at least verify that the class file is in one of the jars. Try the following command:

> cd <force plugin location>
> find . -name "*.jar" | xargs -IZ jar tvf Z | grep "ProjectCreateWizard.class"

That command looks through all the jar files under that directory, scanning for the class file missing. If you get any output, then the file is there. If not, then the file is missing and that's where the problem lies. If the file is there, then there's some plugin configuration problem.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific at this point in time.
techhealthAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  I mostly followed the instructions to the letter, except the very last step at which I'm supposed to be able to open perspective.  Things broke down there - I couldn't open that perspective, neither could I create any project.

grep did find the wizard class, so I guess it's probably some kind of configuration issue. It's really weird.  It's a virgin Eclipse installation, which really doesn't have that much to configure.

Hope someone can come up with an idea.  In the mean time I'll try to have Eclipse on some other computers.
Hmm, well if the plugin jars are under 5MB zipped you could try attaching then so I could take a look. Additionally: are there any *salesforce* directories under /plugins in addition to the /plugins/*salesforce*.jar files? If so, those would be useful too.
techhealthAuthor Commented:
One of the jar files is big (ide.api) .  Others are OK.  I've tried attaching them here, but EE wouldn't allow the extensions inside the jar files (I changed .jar to .zip).  Can you tell me what I should look for?  Maybe I can take a look myself.

There is only one Salesforce directory under the plugins directory: com.salesforce.ide.documentation_14.0.1.200810311433.
techhealthAuthor Commented:
Sorry I haven't followed up yet.  I'll post what I found soon.
techhealthAuthor Commented:
There isn't any META-INF/MANIFEST.MF directly under plugins directory.  The only one I found related to is under plugins/com.salesforce.ide.documentation_14.0.1.200810311433.  Is that location right?  There isn't anything about ProjectCreateWizard in that MF.  
techhealthAuthor Commented:
I have no problem awarding szigeti the points.  Just want to state that the problem is unresolved so far.  
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