How to reset EMC Clariion Navisphere password for CX4-120?

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I have an EMC Clariion CX4-120 that has been initialized.

1) I can connect, but not log into Navisphere via HTTP
2) I can PPP to the system but not log in via serial
3) I can connect to the maint port with NST but not log in

How can I reset the admin logon to the box so I can configure the system?

I don't know the username or password.

Thank you.
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Try admin/password - the Navisphere user and password is case sensistive. Also, the CX4-120 now integrate with AD domains so it may be worth your while to try a domain admin username/password pair.

Use the serial cable and the maintenance port. Create a PPP connection on your Windows laptop (115200 baud, 8, no parity, 1 stop bit) and connect. Point a web browser to . If you see a username/password prompt, then you haven't connected via the service port. Scroll down until you see "Reset Security" or "Reset Domain Security" - I'm not sure what it will say on R28. Click the reset button and accept the warnings that pop up. Disconnect the serial cable. Now point a web browser to the IP address of SPA and you'll be prompted to set up domain security and set a username/password pair.



That worked, with the only difference being that I had to use the credentials below to make the PPP connection:

User: clariion
Password: clariion!

Oops! You're 100% correct That's a bad case of brain-fade.  :-)

I have a Dell EMC CX300 and when I connect via the serial connection, I get nothing.  If I reboot it while connected via the serial connection, I see the bootup sequence.  After that I get nothing again.  Nothing responds, even just hitting enter doesn't advance the flashing cursor.  When I try going to the address in the browser, I get a login screen.  Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?

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