Hard Drive imminent failure with every drive I put in the machine


I have a Compaq EVO D310 it has recently been displaying a message on boot up saying;

Your hard disk drive is detecting an imminent failure.....etc etc.....Attribute Failed: # 05

Ok no problem I thought I will replace the disk with a brand new disk and hey presto...however I get the same message with a brand new disk also. In all I have tried 4 different disks all of different size and manufacturer all with the same message.

I have tried resetting the BIOS. Using a different IDE controller. Using a new IDE cable.

Any ideas what else I can try?

BTW one of the disks that I tested it with I am now using as an external drive with no problems.


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Lee025_Author Commented:
forgot to mention that I am also getting a 511-CPU fan not detected message even the the CPU fan is happily spinning?
It sounds like you are having motherboard issues - not hard drive issues. You should check if there is a bios update for your computer and apply it if there is.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
Lee025_Author Commented:
Thanks for the prompt response

Just tried that flashed the BIOS to the latest version but it's still doing the same thing....maybe it's time to invest in a new motherboard?

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Yeah. It sounds like it. Sorry for the bad news.
Good luck.
i doubt that a bios update helps in this case. it seems more like a bad disk controller (on)board)
so yes - a new motherboard is needed.
that is also why an external disk does work - it does not use the controller
however - since it is a desktop, you can use a pci sata dontroller card, or pci ide card
ide    http://www.newegg.com/store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=410
sata   http://www.satacard.com/

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and since yours are IDE, you can hook the disks to the other ide port, and the cd to the bad port
Lee025_Author Commented:
Both controllers give me the same problem so PCI IDE card maybe the way to go.

Thanks for all of your help.
You may be having motherboard issues. You stated that you get the cpu fan not detected error also. It may be better to invest in a new motherboard like you stated before instead of buying a PCI IDE card.
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