How do I ensure outlook gets access to the default e-mail folder ?

After configuring the e-mail account. When opening outlook the user gets the "check name" dialog box which fails and then she get the Error Message and outlook then shuts down.
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ashwynrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that the Exchange Server cannot be pinged or reached from the personal PCs on which users are trying to configure mailbox in Outlook 2007

* Try to ping to your exchange Server from that computer and see whats the reply like
* Is that personal PC on your domain?
* Are the users trying to VPN from their personal PCs and then try and establish a connection to your domain?
* This looks to be more an issue with Network setup & not something to do with permissions as you've mentioned that they are able to access mailboxes via OWA.
* If Exchange Server is not reachable then try checking for any static IP address embedded into those personal PCs Host Files.
*Check to see if the Binding order in the Network Settings is set up correctly.

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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
The user won't be able to setup Outlook until after RUS has run. Usually within 1-2 minutes of account creation. Make sure RUS is running and if not look at the log entries for it. If there are none, increase the logging to maximum for it.
torheskjeAuthor Commented:
The account was created many hours before the users tried to establish the outlook account on their personal PCs. The exchange accounts are accessible using Microsoft Office Web Mail Access. The users have problems Outlook 2007.
When opening outlook they are getting the "check name" dialog box which fails and then they get the message "Cannot open your default e-mail folder. The information store could not be opened" and Outlook then shuts down.  
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
"Users" this is more than one user having the same issue? What was changed since it worked correctly?
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