appearig messsage after delete folder

i deleted a folder from outlook. when i start outlook the screen shot alert message appearing.
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ashwynrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hallo Abdul!

It seems that you have deleted an Outlook PST file which was placed on your desktop, APR - SEP '08 INBOX.pst.
If you do not want Outlook to pop up with this message again then you'll need to close the Personal Folder which is pointing to the PST file which has been deleted.

In the attached snapshot, I can see that at the left there are few Personal Folders:

Archive Folders
Personal Folders
Personal Folder

You will need to right click upon each of them and click Properties>Advanced, over there in the File Name field it will show the path of the PST file for that Personal Folder; one of them should point to the path which is displayed in the attached screen shot i.e. it should point to the file which you deleted.
When you find that Personal Folder with that path, simply Right Click on it and choose Close.

Restart Outlook and the message wont appear again

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