Is it ok to Daisy Chain surge protectors, Power Strips?

My roommate almost pinched a loaf when he saw that I had plugged in a keyboard (No not a computer keyboard) to a power strip, then plugged that power strip into another power strip that was connected to the wall.

The power strip connected to the wall had a about 4 outlets in use for computer stuff. The added power strip had one keyboard connected to it.

It is really bad to daisy chain power strips as long as you dont overload them?

He said it was "really bad" to have one power strip plugged into another.
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It is not a good idea to do this. You can risk overloading a power strip doing this. I have seen this done many time before without issues, but one time me and some friends did destroy a power strip (luckily no computers) at a lan party because of this. So do this at your own risk.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
I am sure I could search as could you and we could find something that discusses this..infact I might in a sec.  I will leave you with this for now...

Where I work we have a group that comes in and audits us on different safety related elements.  One thing they look for is what you have described above.  If they were to find this we would be fined thousands of dollars...
>>  It is really bad to daisy chain power strips as long as you dont overload them?   <<    NO PROBLEM.
But the key point is "as long as you dont overload them"
may you will not overload it, but another comes in and plugs in a toaster, or a washing machine...and there you go.
the reason WHY : most power strips are made for a certain load, in terms of current say 20 A.
if you make a daisy chain of 10 power strips, and you plug in 4 A in each  (far from over loading) you get this situation : power strip = PSTR ; LOAD = 4A

AC outlet -->PSTR1--->PSTR2-->PSTR3-->PSTR4-->PSTR5-->PSTR6-->PSTR7-->PSTR8-->PSTR9-->PSTR10
Load :               4A           4A          4A           4A          4A          4A           4A          4A           4A            4A
Total Load       40A          36A        32A         28A        24A       20A         16A         12A         8A             4A

causing fire, and melting from around  PSTR 5

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stevef22Author Commented:
Good as long as you dont over load them. Thx
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