Java connect to C#

On my java code, I am trying to connect to .Net C# web server and trying to get a response.
The java code (window client application) will post a file to this C# web server and get a success flag once it is completed, how do I start with the C# code as I am not a .Net programmer?
The java code:
public void transferFileToServer(String url,File localFile, String fileName) throws Exception{
		HttpURLConnection urlConn = null;
			URL  anUrl = new URL(url);
			urlConn = (HttpURLConnection)anUrl.openConnection();
			System.out.println("Swing App url connect");
			DataOutputStream ps = new DataOutputStream(urlConn.getOutputStream());
			FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(localFile);
			BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(fis);
			int len = 2048;
			byte[] bytes = new byte[len];
			int index = 0;
			while(index >= 0){
				index =,0,len);
				if(index != -1){
			BufferedInputStream dis = new BufferedInputStream(urlConn.getInputStream());
			bytes = new byte[len];
			while( > 0){
				//System.out.println("bytes read :["+new String(bytes)+"]");
		catch(Exception e){
			throw e;
			if(urlConn != null){urlConn.disconnect();}

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Refael AckermannCommented:
Simplest solution is to create and ASHX (ASPX.nET Generic HTTP Handler):

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fkchanAuthor Commented:
Do you have sample code to read the input stream, save the file to a specific location and then return a success flag?
Refael AckermannCommented:
The Context.HttpRequest.Files holds handlers to all files posted to the server as a HttpPostedFile collection.
Then you can use the HttpPostedFile.SaveAs method to save.
And then you can use Context.HttpResponse.Write to send the response.

This seems like a popular forum-thread about these kind of issues:
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