Trends in Parallel Processing

What are current trends in Parallel Processing ? i mean what trends are being followed in development of Parallel processing technology ?

Please, I am not a student. this is just for knowledge sake.

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The recent trend in multicore cpus on a single chip are a form of parallel processing.  Clock speeds ran into physical limitations, so the other way to increase computation power is to put more cpus in a chip.  Quad cores are commonplace, and eight cores are probably just around the corner.
I would suppose, if by trend you mean testing, development and the such, then using it to compute Asynchronous Cryptography would be a start, having 2 CPU's encrypt/decrypt a string within nanoseconds of each other.

Other than that I'm not too sure.
I vote for usage of VideoCards for that. Check out nVidia CUDA and AMD Stream technologies.
Personally, my own program was able to reach 1.8 teraflop on 4x9800GX2 system :-)
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