IP Blocked by Spam Database - How to secure ?

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How to secure not to block the IP address by Spammers. !!!  Can you give me the details !!! and work around

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Sorry a little confused on exactly what you want to do..
How to block spammers IP address
How to not be blocked as a spammer - If this is your question then I wont be answering...!
Don't be too quick to judge. While I agree that a spammer deserves to be treated as a spammer, there are a few ways you can get registered because of a poor configuration of your mail system without being a spammer (and the poster has indicated he/she's a beginner).

If you're being flagged as a spammer and don't believe you are, check the following:

1. Who is flagging you as a spam source. Check the reason why
1. Are you open as a spam relay? Check http://spamlinks.net/prevent-secure-relay-test.htm
2. Do you have users who are using out-of-office assistants? Sometimes these will generate a lot of email traffic
3. Are you profiling internal users mail traffic to see if anyone's generating an unusual amount? Check firewall logs, mail logs, etc. on your mail server (if you have an internal one)
4. Are you running current AV packages. Make sure they're not didabled, failing to do updates, etc.
5. have you checked for spyware. Try spybot, adware.

If the question's about blocking incoming spam, any good anti-spam package will do this.


well.. thanks

My problem is : until last week we didn't face any issues. All of us sudden we are facing following issues respect to email server:

1. Some emails are not delivering properly and some tiles are not even coming to us
2. When i check with Spam database, fould that our IP's and entire range (ISP Range) is listed in to spam database. I wanted to know due to which we will face email issues ??/

I wanted to know how we can prevent this not to happen next time ??

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Glad to hear you arent spammer..!
Once your on a list then sending mail is going to be very erraric.. Some server might jst not care and let your messages through others might tag it as somehting so that the end users can see and other might block it completely.

There is no point trying to get yourself off the list until you are sure that you arent just going to go right back on there again.. Plus if you keep asking to be taken off the list eventuallu the answer will understandibly be NO!

Things to check.
Are you set up as an open relay?
Who is allowed to send emails withinside your organisation, maybe there is a virus on one of the clients that is busy spamming the world..!
Less likely I hope, A virus on the exchnage server?



Are you set up as an open relay?
Answer :NO

Qn 2: Reply - To send an email outside authentication is required and across the network virus is up to date. No issues with respect to Desktops & laptops antivirus

Do you mean Exchange server antivirus will create an issues ??

Hugh FraserConsultant
A virus or trojan (like a bot) anywhere in your organization can cause problems.

1. Make sure your firewall only accepts SMTP (mail) from your Exchange server. Spambots, for instance, might try to contact targets directly via SMTP rather than through your Exchange server.
2. Once again, check your firewall logs for SMTP traffic patterns
3. If your entire ISP address range is listed in an blocking list, contact your ISP.


My ISP segments are blocked by UCProtect.

I wanted to know if spam database entries will create these kind of issues ? I wanted to know if this issue is been approaching right direction ?? or not

Hugh FraserConsultant
Spam filtering based on services like UCEProtect will definitely cause selective problems. They work by distributing lists of IP addresses that have been identified as spam, and those lists are used, usually at the firewall or mail gateway, to refuse connections to the SMTP port (25). This is different from heuristic anti-spam solutions that check the content of the message or its header (like spambayes). There are several sources for these lists, and the use of them is entirely voluntary, so not every mail destination will block you. The end result is that mail gest through to some places, and not others.

I checked UCEProtect's website. You need to determine if it's you or your entire ISP that's being blocked. According to their removal page (http://www.uceprotect.net/en/index.php?m=7&s=0) you need to see if it's a Level 1,2 or 3 block, which determines what your next step is.

In short, Level 1 indicates they think spam came from you. You need to follow the steps we've listed to see if it's true, and if so correct it. They'll drop you from the list after 7 days.

Level 2 or 3 indicates it came from your ISP, and only they can correct it.

In any event, make sure it isn't coming from you (don't assume) and then follow the procedures on their web site. It's the same process for any spam block.


my IP is If we change this IP address, will this issue fix permanently ??

How to control or not to list anymore for Spam??

Plz advise .
Hugh FraserConsultant
Checking this address on the UCEProtect site shows they've identified the entire class B address space as a source of spam. Your specific address is not listed.

Their suggestion is to contact the ISP. Here's the number:

Antiabuse Helpdesk
 address:      Reliance Communication Ltd
 address:      Antiabuse Helpdesk  2nd Floor
 address:      International Area   A Block
 address:      Dhirubai Ambani Knowledge City
 address:      Thane Belapur Road  KoparKhairane
 address:      Navi Mumbai - 400710
 country:      IN
 phone:        91-22-30339595
 fax-no:       91-22-30334949

If you don't get the response you're looking for, then change ISP.
Wow, I agree with hfraser you need to speak to your ISP, if they give you any answer except we will fix this as soon as posisible you shoudl be otta there..!

Hope you can solve it..!


Issue resolved.. Thanks for your support

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