Eventlog on remote machine

Sorry i get RPC connection exception. Please help.
using System;
using System.Management;
using System.IO;
class App {
private static void Main(string[] args)
// Beware! the account used to connect must have remote WMI privileges on the remote server.
RunProcess M = new RunProcess("c3c3d", "#####", "333");
sealed class RunProcess
private ConnectionOptions co;
private ManagementScope scope;
public RunProcess(string ConnectionUser, string ConnectionPassword, string
Machine )
co = new ConnectionOptions();
co.Username = ConnectionUser;
co.Password = ConnectionPassword;
co.Impersonation = ImpersonationLevel.Impersonate;
scope = new ManagementScope(@"\\" + Machine + @"\root\cimv2", co);
public void Run()
string logFileName = "SYSTEM";
// default blocksize = 1, larger value may increase network throughput
EnumerationOptions opt = new EnumerationOptions();
opt.BlockSize = 1000;
// Get only Logon/LogOff category from security log
SelectQuery query = new SelectQuery("select CategoryString,TimeGenerated, User, Type from Win32_NtLogEvent where Logfile ='System'");
using(ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = new
ManagementObjectSearcher(scope, query, opt))
foreach (ManagementObject mo in searcher.Get()) {
string logInfo = String.Format("{0} - {1} - {2}", mo["Type"],
mo["CategoryString"], mo["User"]);

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I would suspect this is a firewall issue....  On the remote PC, try the following:

netsh firewall set service RemoteAdmin enable
netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="windows management instrumentation (wmi)" new enable=yes  

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sonu002Author Commented:
How do we change this setting please help
....by typing the commands that I provided
The top one is for WinXP, the bottom for Vista
sonu002Author Commented:
Thanks it worked for me!!!
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