blackberry synchronization of other folders than inbox

Have a blackberry bold and I am able to sync the inbox and have chosen under folder reconciliation to have other folders sync'd but am not having any success with this at all. I have even moved messages out of the boxes that i wanted and then put them back in and waited for reconciliation without luck.  Any suggestions?  I find it useful to store items such as trips, and other categories under folders that are synch'd to mail outlook. thanks.
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ALogvinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once you mark the folder for redirection all NEW e-mails that you place in that folder in Outlook will sync... however the e-mails that were there before you synced that folder will not come over.
Were the emails that you want to sync already present in those folders when you activated the Bold ?
In my experience when you activate the device it doesn't sync the emails in these folders.

I have had some success with a procvess similiar to the one you've tried - create a sepearte PST and move the messages out of their normal folders and uinto there. Now wait - i'd leave it a day of so and them move the messages back - most of the time if then starts to sync them.

RIM syncing processes on a BES only sync NEW e-mail. If you had e-mail in that folder before... forget it. with a BES you can sync up to 14 days / 750 messages when you first activate a new handheld, however it only looks at the inbox when it does that I think.
lbenzAuthor Commented:
That doesn't make sense as there has to be a way to get emails into a folder on blackberry outside of the inbox.  
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