What is the best setup for SBS Backup and my situation?

My Server has a 400Gb Internal Drive, 3 Hot-Swap 250Gb Drives, and I have 2 USB 300Gb Drives.

1 of the Hot-Swap Drives is where my clients data is stored, thats where they work from and save their data.  I am in need of the easiest method to backup their data, and I would like to use the built-in backup with SBS.  I do have Acronis True Image, which does seem more efficient to me for starting with a full and then doing incrementals.  

I have read where SBS standardly does full-backups, and I noticed that the Hot-Swap I am doing the backup to, is now only showing 41Gb free.  So, I am sure I do not have the backup in SBS configured properly.  It is my intention to back up daily, and I want it to be automatic.

So, I am looking for the best configuration for my situation.

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Jerry SolomonConnect With a Mentor Network  AdministratorCommented:
I would recommend a total overhaul of your storage for maximum data protection.

The 3 hotswap drives really should be set up in a RAID 5 array (preferrably set with a Hardware RAID controller)--Obviously, you would need to move the data over when/if you do this.

The single 400GB should have your Operating system, so I would leave that as-is.

The 2 USB drives can be your backups.  thefirst for Acronis, and the second for NT Backup.

What I don't like about the backup wizard of SBS is that it wants to back up EVERYTHING, but with Acronis, you have a full snapshot, so you really only need to redundantly back up your data. I would instead use the NT backup, but outside of the SBS scripts to back up the data directories only to a BKF file on the second usb drive, and it MUST be set to overwrite, or it will keep growing.

hope this helps.
OnetimurAuthor Commented:
Thanx Jerry

The RAID is what I prefer, unfortunately this server was configured before I came along.  I will be investing in a new server here shortly with RAID configured.  In the meantime, the OVERWRITE was the feature that I missed, that will definitely help me out a lot.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
let me know if there is anything more I can do for you.
Also, Server 2003 will allow you to upgrade the 3 hotswaps to Disk striping with parity (RAID 5), although I'd really be on the fence about it, because it requires they be upgraded to dynamic disks, which is problematic in certain recovery scenarios.
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