How do I get into BIOS when it stops at boot and DEL does not work

I cleared my CMOS today and now the machine only boots to the "hit del for setup" screen and when I hit DEL nothing happens. It wont even boot far enough to boot from floppy to flash BIOS, I am hosed....... help
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hewittgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One thing to try, remove the battery for about 10 minutes, and try to reboot after that.  See if it will aloow you to get into the setup

1 thing I would try is to use a PS/2 keyboard if you still have one instead of usb keyboard. This occurs to me occasionally.
TomMicrosoft ISV PartnerCommented:
How did you clear your cmos ? did you move a jumper on your mother board ? if yes did you put it back ? What is the manufacturer of your motherboard ? By going to the manufacturer homepage you mostly find a solution for restoring your cmos.
Most motherboards has a jumper on it which when you change it, it will let you boot with another copy of BIOS, so motherboards has a hot key before DEL key to be hit. if you can provide the maker and model number we can help, otherwise we can't see it in dream.
jffisherAuthor Commented:
I have the Abit fatality board and it has the Uguru panel bay with a CMOS reset switch which I found out after some research that I did not use it properly.
Taking out the battery reset it so I could get back into the BIOS, thanks everyone....
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