Capture TV from video card

I am attempting to capture TV from a card using c#.  My main problem is quality when using full screen - the image appears to jump.

Any help at all would be highly appreciated

Thank you
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TomMicrosoft ISV PartnerCommented:
Main things to do is:
reboot computer before starting
Close all running programs not needed, also icons in the bottom right corner (beside the clock)
Try to record, if still bad, lower frames pr second in recording.
consider: Upgrade to more ram
Check your cpu in task manager. Is it running 100% ?
dbdpAuthor Commented:
No, when I record it is fine.  My problem is a live preview.  I am using IGraphbuilder 2 but cannot see a decent picture in full screen.  Any ideas?
TomMicrosoft ISV PartnerCommented:
Consider changing codex
dbdpAuthor Commented:
How do I do that?
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