Running Quicken from a memory stick

Is it possible to run Quicken (or I guess any app) from a memory stick/flash drive/external drive?

To clarify, I mean installing the app on an external device (not the PC's hard drive) and then running it from that device from any pc it is plugged in to. So, i dont' just mean having the data files (QDF/QIF, etc) on that device but the entire app....

I am looking for a way to have QUicken be portable so that I can use it at work to have access to my club's financial info.....
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DMTechGrooupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most softwar, no.  Software like quicken needs to utilize the registry to run and so that would mean it has to be installed to the local hard drive.  

Only programs that do not access the registry to operate as well as shared DLL's, etc. can run stand alone.
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