TS Session prints to wrong printer

I have a terminal server 2003 with several printers installed. Users log in to TS and their local or network printer is mapped to the print driver installed on the TS.  One of my user's print jobs printed on another users printer.  They were not the same print driver.  The users cannot see other printers other than their own printer in their session so there was no way for them to have chosen the wrong printer.  However, the two users were logged in to the TS at the same time.  I'm thinking that somehow both printers mapped to the same TS port, but I do not know how to keep that from happening or what may be causing it.  Any suggestions?
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ccosbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interesting. Sure the program they were printing from didn't find the other printer on the server(I've seen this happen before).

Anyway in the past with 03 I've usually gone with tricerat screwdrivers software for printing but I did this because of print driver issues and because I got tired of trying to install a bunch of print drivers to the server. Software is licensed per server and fixes a lot of print issues.
manndoAuthor Commented:
Did not really ever get an answer to this question.
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