How to prevent ghost from imaging a hard drive ?

Here the situation, I've got a desktop tower with four internal drives, 80GB,250GB, 500GB & 500GB.  We have a small computer repair shop and we are constantly backing up customers hard drives, taking images etc. We sometimes will have two or three ADDITIONAL drives connected to this machine via USB hard drive enclosures. My concern is that when we open ghost to take an image of a customers drive or to reimage a customers drive that there is a risk of accidentally imaging one of the internal drives which has all of our data. We generally use the 32-bit version of Ghost 11 so we can image from within the operating system. My question is this : Is there a way to permantely lock restrict the internal hard drives so that when we launch ghost they simply can't be selected? I want to remove all possibility of accidently imaging on of these drives while still being able to image extenal drives we connect.
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I don't think so, but Symantec may have registy tweaks to disallow drives.

Have you checked with them ?

Otherwise, you simply need to backup your drives, so that if something gets erased you have it elsewhere.

1 TB drives are about $100 now...

I hope this helps !

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