External hard drive not recognized in disk management

I am trying to scan a 2.5" hard drive using an Inland usb 2.0 drive adapter and the computer will not recognized it as a hard drive.  I can see it in device manager as a disk drive.  Very frustrating.  Please help.  The drive has a virus and I want to scan it with another laptop.
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tballahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried to connect this hard disk with another computer machine? Is it the same result?
My suggestion is to:
1. connect it to another computer to see whether it works or not
2. if not, try to put this hard disk in another hard disk  box (different adaptor). Most of the case, the problem results from the fact the hard disk adapter does not function well or damaged.
Inland usb enclosure is not really good, if you could, try other. However, try to hook up the drive directly to system board see if it detects and recognize ok?
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