Terminal Server Login Issue after domain migration


I am migrating a Windows SBS2003 with a Terminal Server 2003  to Windows 2008 with Exchange 2007. I am leaving the Terminal Server 2003 in the domain.  I have used the following article to assist me in the process: http://www.itexpertmag.com/server/upgrading-small-business-server-2003-to-exchange-2007.

I have completed the mailbox migration, public folders, and uninstalled Exchange on the SBS2003 box. The W2K8 box is a GC and has all of the FSMO roles. I preformed a test by shutting down the SBS2003 box and noticed mail backing up. I realized that the DNS on the W2K8 box NIC was still pointing to the SBS box. I changed it point to itself. I also pointed the DNS for the TS NIC to the W2K8 box. I am now retesting. When I login to the Terminal Server, I am getting a usrlogon.cmd appear (never seen that before) and the desktop on the Terminal Server is very slow to respond to basic command like opening files, double clicking on My Computer, etc. Any sugesstions?
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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Perhaps this may work...

Try this. Goto regedt32 on the server to HKeyLocalmachine\Software\Microsoft\windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\, and modify the appsetup by adding C:\winnt\system32 in front of usrlogon.cmd.
It should look like C:\Winnt\system32\UsrLogon.Cmd,cmstart.exe

techofficialsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for trying, but it did not solve the issue. I still have the usrlogon.cmd. I have also discovered that I have netlogon 5788 and 8789 errors in the event viewer of the terminal server since I shutdown the sbs2003 box (windows 2008 domain controller still running).
techofficialsAuthor Commented:
I just finished working on this with MS support and after lots of trouble shooting, it looks like the issue was a result of not redirecting the Admin accounts My Documents to the new W2K8 AD server. We do not have a GPO to do the redirect, we are doing a manual re-direct. The Admin account was My Docs was still pointing to the old AD server that is turned off during testing. For some reason, the Admin My Docs was causing performance issues with the Terminal Server even when other users beside the Admin was logged in. The TS was having issues with usrlogon.cmd and was experiencing sluggish behavior for any user he logged in. Redirecting the Admin my docs to the current DC looks like is solved the issue. I will know later once all of the users start logging in. I will post back so that this might help someone else.

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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Good to know.  My next move would have been to check licensing.
techofficialsAuthor Commented:
Problem solved, My Docs and moving TS to new OU and blocking policy of old DC solved the issue.
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