How do I restore my font directory to its' original state?

I loaded on my entire Adobe Folio of fonts, and now it seems some of these fonts have displaced certain system fonts. For example, my default font in Firefox is Times, and although Times appears normal in font book, Firefox seems to substitute a mish mash of different fonts in its' place. Please take a look at the attached screen grab from firefox to see what i mean. I already tried running validation and remove duplicates from font book, restarted, and still the same problem. If anyone knows what the relevant plists are, what the default fonts are with 10.5, and how to restore the original state of the fonts directory, I would be most grateful.


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Restart in Safe Mode and then restart again to clear the font cache. (Mac OS X v10.4.x and later)
In Mac OS X 10.4.x, and later, safe mode disables all fonts other than those in the System\Library\Fonts folder, and it moves to the Trash all font caches normally stored in \Library\Caches\\[uid] where [uid] is a user ID number such as 501.
Also, the utilty Font Finagler (formerly Font Cache Cleaner) might help, if the safe boot method doesn't work. See:

Also for general font troubleshooting help:

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dgt-yycAuthor Commented:
Safe mode restored the fonts for only the duration of that session. Font finagler ultimately resolved the issue with my old postscript type 1 fonts. Thanks!
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