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I received a error message during boot up. System says can not find hd disk hit F1 or F2 for setup mode. I think my HD went bad, however I replaced my drive and started a clean install of my OS. I change my boot order and OS cd is recognized and looks like it's going to start installation and then screen goes black. Seems like I hear the CD rom working but I can not see the screen. I tried replacing CDrom and still same issue. I replace power supply and still same issue. I tried another CD and guess what...same issue. Never had this problem before can someone please help? Thanks.
Jaime CamposAsked:
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Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Install starts - Setup inspects hardware and then black screen.
Try to provide the graphics card drivers to the installation, I.e. press F6 to provide additional drivers.  The drivers need to be on Floppy drive.
Is the system branded (dell, HP, IBM, etc.) that provides their own Media?  Did you add/replace the graphics card?

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Well, depends on what OS you got, but I see that you can get in the bios. This is the VGA mode of the graphic card. That works, so during installation it should remain working (normally). Try to update the bios of your motherboard (or downgrade) and check if you have the right processor for your MOBO.  
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There's the file-loading section of WinXP setup that's text-based.  After the files are loaded, there's WinXP GUI setup.  During which phase does it fail?

Are you using a PCI express / AGP / PCI graphics card, or do you have a graphics port integrated into the motherboard?  If you have an integrated graphics card, I recommend pulling out any add-on graphics cards and using the integrated graphics port.

If you have an add-on graphics card (PCIe/AGP/PCI), I recommend testing the graphics card and launching the WinXP install in another computer.  This will help you diagnose whether it is a driver issue with WinXP setup.  If you experience the same symptoms, then it's a driver issue, as the other commenters have mentioned.  Write down the name of the graphics card and write the drivers onto a floppy/CDROM/USB drive.  Load these drivers at WinXP installation startup by pressing F6.

On a different note, check out the video settings in the BIOS.  Make sure video has an IRQ assigned to it.  Some BIOS's have the option to select between an add-on card and the integrated graphics port as the primary display ; make sure the correct one is enabled for yours.

You will have to provide some more detail about your hardware specifics and explain exactly what you see and what is not working for us to provide any more specific advice.  For instance, what happens when the "screen goes black?"  does the monitor go into power-savings, or does it remain active with a blank screen?  Could you elaborate on exactly what you're trying to accomplish?

Good luck.
During the graphical portion of the WinXP setup, there is device detection portion.  During this phase your screen may go blank as Windows is detecting the video hardware.  This portion may take a long time.  If you see it blank for simply 20 seconds and pull the plug, try to wait maybe 10 minutes more.
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
This is a DELL Dimmension 4550 and I have tried to replace graphic card and I still get the same issue. I cano not get to the desktop, so how could I get the bios updated? what is MOBO?
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
I have a Dell Dimmension 4550 I am trying to do a clean install of using my Dell reinstallation CD (XP Home SP1). The black screen comes as soon as instalation says inspecting hardware in the very start of the installation. I have tried to wait over 45min to see if the screen changed and no luck. The monitor doesn't go into hibernation it just stays black w/power light on monitor active (green).  My graphic card is a AGP card and I have no onboard graphics. I have tried to swap graphic cards and the issue still exist. not sure how to install drivers on BIOS or graphic card if I can not get to the desktop. How would I do it during install if screen goes black?
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
I checked BIOS IRQ and below is the PCI IRQ assignment. Is it normal to have same IRQs assigned to differant devices?

ATI TEchnologies Inc VGA adapter.......IRQ 11
Intel Corp serial bus...............................IRQ 11
Intel Corp USB adapter .........................IRQ 11
" ............................................................IRQ 10
".............................................................IRQ 9
".............................................................IRQ 3
Conexant LABS multimedia....................IRQ 9
Intel Corp network card.........................IRQ 11
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Solution Below works!!!

SYMPTOM: Upon booting up from a Windows XP installation CD, the screen blanks and the system freezes right after displaying Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration. The system has been known to run Windows XP perfectly before and there has no changes to the hardware.

SOLUTION:  Removed HD and put into external enclosure on my server. I then deleated the prtioned drive removing all data.  

REASON: XP is very finicky when it comes to being re-installed on a used hard drive.

I appreciate all your help and support! I will distrubute all points to all requested solutions. Thanks.
Cool... Close the question :)
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